About Us

ShanDong Huiyin Energy Co., Ltd


  In 2008 Huiyin started the production of vacuum receivers for parabolic concentrators. The production of receivers was moved from Beijing to Weihai in 2010.

  Huiyin has produced in its facilities over 600 MW of receivers for commercial power plants around the world, including molten salt project. Huiyin is the only receiver producer that has molten salt tube technology. At the moment Huiyin is supplying to a 1GW project

  Huiyin has strong government partners including the Chinese Ministry of Finance, The China Development Bank, The State Development and Investment Corporation and the Belgium Ministry of Public Enterprises.

  Huiyin bankable superior receivers with outperforming technology are more durable and offer an extended life time and are the first serviceable receivers in the market.

  Huiyin excellence in production, proven high volume capability and ability to develop new products for its clients make it today the preferred CSP receiver supplier of the industry.

  With 10 GW Concentrated Solar Power planned in the 13th 5 year plan. Huiyin is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the fastest growing market in the world.This new challenge will drive development of products, production lines and will drive down cost of CSP even further.

  Huiyin with its high performance receivers – which comprise the core of all solar power plants using parabolic trough and linear Fresnel technologies – contributes decisively to making tomorrow’s energy production possible today. We rank as market and technology leader for receiver tubes and have supplied more than 600 MW of receivers to power plants all over the world.