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The company organized the 2018 annual meeting

On February 5, 2018, the company held the annual meeting of 2018 in Wendeng Tianmu hot spring.  Juha, the chairman, made a forward-looking analysis of the field of solar thermal power. Kang Xuehui, the general manager, reviewed the work in 2017 and …
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Company organize excellent employees to travel

In order to improve the cohesiveness of employees and to praise the excellent employees, the company organized the advanced employees and excellent employees of the company in 2013 to participate in the Happy Valley tourism in Yishui in April 2014.
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The company organized the 2014 annual meeting

On January 5, 2014, the company organized the annual meeting of the company in Wendeng Longshan hotel in 2014.Kang Xuehui, general manager of the conference, reviewed the work of 2013 and proposed the work plan in 2014, which required the staff contin…
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